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My 84 year young Aunt in Massachusetts loves basil, rosemary, and plants in general, but age and time have made it impossible for her to have a standard garden. So, for Mother’s Day several of us decided to get her plants. I saw your excellent selection of herbs and thought she would enjoy them. That was an understatement. My Aunt LOVED your plants. 

She raved, and believe me as a former school teacher she is quite demanding. She said the plants were some of the best she had ever seen and looked just like: “they had come out of my back yard.” Trust me, that is a true compliment. She plans to keep a rosemary (or perhaps basil) in the house – just to smell. The rest will go on the front porch so she can watch them grow and use them as needed. She is going to have a lot of fun this summer!!

Thank you…. Thank you so very much.

Thank you for the beautiful herb plants! Very pleased with quality of plants and professional packing. They arrived happy and are thriving!

Will order from you again! Good job.

Our plants arrived on Tuesday & we are in awe. Each is beautiful-we are so glad to have found you & the great plants. We had wanted to leave Burpees & Gurneys & their chemically raised plants for awhile & now we have with your help. Thank you ever so much for your dedication & sincere interest in the human spirit!

I ordered 3 of your Brandywine tomato plants and 4 of your pepper plants and was pleasantly surprised at how healthy and large they were. I planted the pepper plants last week and they are the same size as the ones I planted a month ago.
I will definitely order all of my plants from you for the next go around. Since I live in FL would it be possible to order them earlier than this year’s ship dates?
I am sharing your site with all of my garden friends.

My plants arrived today (just 4 days after placing my order).When I opened the boxes, I almost cheered. The plants are gorgeous – larger than I expected, in great shape, and I didn’t have to struggle for ages to unwrap them.

I want to let you know that I bought some of your tomato plants for myself, and sent some to my niece as a gift. We are all very pleased with the plants. I have ordered more tomato plants for myself today. I live in Florida and so our garden struggles with the heat. The Arkansas Traveler, Sioux and French Marmara are all thriving. Today I have ordered Cherokee Purple and Brandywine. I hope these will settle in as well as the other slicing tomatoes I have purchased from your company.

I am very happy I saw the article about your tomatoes in “Southern Living”. We are looking forward to some wonderful salads and sandwiches thanks to you. 

Just wanted you to know that once again, I received beautiful healthy plants from you that are currently THRIVING in the garden. I have never received plants this healthy (and lovingly packed) from any other grower. I appreciate your efforts!

I just have to let you know what beautiful, healthy plants I received from you! I have been gardening for many years and ordered plants from different sources and I have to say yours are the very best! I’m glad I discovered your online site and will tell my gardening friends what personal service is received.

Thank you so much!!

I just want you to know that I have never had such a wonderful order! The packaging was just magnificent! The care that was taken in the wrapping of those beautiful plants…well I just can’t say enough good things 🙂 Thank you very much for your attention to detail and consideration of the plants.

I am really impressed My nine tomato plants arrived yesterday. Wanted you to know I have been ordering tomato plants from various sources over the years, and these are, by far, the largest, healthiest plants I’ve ever received! I can’t wait to get them in the garden. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you so much!

Hi Folks, Once again, I simply must write you and express how fantastic the tomato plants are you shipped me. Year after year, your plants arrive very robust, beautifully colored, and healthy as can be. Looking forward to another great crop. Thanks again, Customer for life!

I just received my order from you guys and I had to let you know how happy I am with my plants! They look fantastic and the packaging was perfect, the plants didn’t budge at all! Thanks for all of the extra effort you guys put in, you have definitely earned my business. I work for a florist in Huntsville and was wondering if you have any pamphlets or information on your company that I could put out in our store. I’m trying to let people know about options for organic gardening and you guys are a great option for people that are a little skittish about planting from seed. And since you are local(ish), it makes it that much better! I direct people to your website, but any additional information you could give me would be great, since we get a good bit of gardening questions. Thanks again for doing such a great job!

I just received my heirloom tomato plants and can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am! I actually was expecting small seedlings but what I got were large, healthy, hardy and beautiful plants!!! I was also impressed at how well they were packaged. It’s plain to see that you love your plants and spend much time nurturing them. I promise to do the same with them and will definitely be referring the Tasteful Garden to my friends and ordering from you again. Thank you so very much!

I recently received an order of two pepper plants and four tomato plants from you, and I’m really impressed with the quality of the plants. They’re off to a great start, and one tomato plant and both peppers are already flowering! I’m very happy with the plants and I’ll definitely be ordering more from you in the future!

Hey Y’all, Received my order first thing this morning and they are beautiful. I had never seen an Edamame plant before. Everything looks vibrant and ready to get started doin’ their thing. Looking forward to watching them grow.

Thank you for what you do. I just wanted to contact you to thank you and compliment the Tasteful Garden. I have ordered plants from so many different companies over the years, but thankfully I have found the Tasteful Garden now! 

The quality of your plants is the very best I have ever encountered. The care in packaging of the plants was exceptional- they were in the best shape I have ever had plants arrive in. Your plant care information included in the package as well as information on your website for each plant is THE best I have ever found.

We will be back for many more orders in the coming years! Thank you! This shipment arrived in perfect condition. A huge feat considering the way they get handled by UPS. Your packaging is very clever and did the job well. The plants are some of the best I have ever seen!

Hi, received the 4 Marzano plants about an hour ago. they are in the greenhouse with a fresh drink of water and are very happy. i must thank you for the care given the S&h. i have dealt with a dozen growers and never received any so well packaged and protected. i am not a large buyer but maybe a dozen or so plants a year– you are in my computer as favorite and will receive orders from me again. thanks

Just wanted to say that I am completely satisfied with the success of the tomato plants I ordered from you. All plants are healthy and thriving in the garden. Will be ordering for next year as well! Thanks,

I know you’re crazy busy, so I’ll keep it short: THANK YOU for the totally AWESOME plants. They are some of the BEST I’ve EVER gotten, bar none. You all are truly an asset to the mail-order plant business. I have waited too long to send you this letter. I searched online for Lemon Verbena, and everyone was out of stock or too expensive. This is a plant to treasure, and I just wanted you to know that you packing and shipping procedures are excellent. More so, the plants were in excellent shape when they arrived. I ordered 4, 3 for myself, and 1 to give to a local plant vendor who tried very hard to find it for me locally. Again, thank you so much. If I cannot get these through a hot Florida summer, you will hear from me again.

We just want you to know how impressed we are with this transaction from beginning to end. Your website is extremely easy to navigate and order from The shipping was on time The packaging was extraordinary – plants arrived in excellent condition The tomato plants are HUGE compared to another company plants we also received this week. THANK YOU! please make sure we are on your mailing list for next year 🙂

Your tomato plants arrived while I was out of town for 10 days. My husband unpacked them, watered them and left them unattended on the sun porch for over a week. I expected to find dead plants when I got home but they were HUGE, healthy and happy. I had to trench in over a foot of each stem when I put them in the ground. Thank you for such beautiful and sturdy plants!

I thought you might enjoy seeing my earthbox garden,I have had really good results with them and i must tell you this may be the best year yet with your lovely plants. They are extremely healthy and growing like organic soil and fertilizer and as yet no pest control except yellow aphid sticky traps. I have a great variety and looking forward to comparing them. Thanks for the effort you take to give us great plants.

I wanted to let you know about the recent plants we purchased from your website. They came just as promised and in excellent condition. We had to delay planting several days due to temperatures dipping in the evenings. Once planted they just exploded. The growth ahs been phoenomenal. We already have some peppers which we have picked. The tomatoes are already forming on almost every plant. Thank you for growing and sharing your expertise online. This looks like are best garden and yield ever!!

This is the 1st year that I ordered from you and I am just blown away. My plants were over 4 ft. at the end of May, already having small tomatoes, which is virtually unheard of here in western Pa. To date, they are 7 ft. tall, covered with tomatoes & an abundance of flowers. We’ve already picked some of the larger green ones to ripen on the windowsill and even have a red one already. And it’s just the beginning of July! Our friends & neighbors are so impressed and we couldn’t be happier. We followed your directions to the tee, which seemed a bit odd at 1st, (like planting them SO deep), heavy mulching, organic fertilizing and not watering them too much. I attribute this to the love you bring to them from the beginning, the knowledge God has given you. Needless to say, I will be ordering from you every year and plan to include herbs as well. All I can say is Thank you!

This is my third year for ordering your tomatoes. Fabulous. While others in my NW Arkansas area are not having good luck with their tomato gardens, mine is flourishing. I am now sharing with my neighbors who were floored by the size of my Kelloggs Breakfast and Big boy tomatoes and by the quantity produced by my Sweet Millions. Attached are a couple of pictures of my kitchen counter after a mornings pick and before handing out.

I just wanted to tell you how pleased my sister was to receive this windowsill herb garden. She is in a rehab hospital in Nevada, having fallen and broken her hip and had to have major surgery. Unfortunately her room windowsill is very narrow so it cannot stay with her but her daughter is taking the planter home and will bring it back whenever it needs watering so Carm can water them and see the plants growing until she can walk on her own and go back to her daughter’s house. It did what I had hoped it would…gave her faith that she would get better. You would have loved to hear her voice when she called to thank me last evening. So thank you for your lovely product!

I just thought I’d like to let you know that I come back every year because your plants are hearty, healthy, and give me tons of output. I only use 3 earthboxes on an upstairs deck, so my orders aren’t large — but they are very important to me. Thanks for the quality and service!! Kathleen

I received my order of herb plants late yesterday afternoon from the Tasteful Garden. I just wanted to thank you all for packaging them so carefully, and getting them here in tip-top shape! Even through the snow, and night-time lows here down around 14 degrees, the plants arrived in beautiful condition. They looked better than plants in local nurseries!

Thanks again, and happy growing, Elizabeth

I was ecstatic when I received my tomato and pepper plants from you. They were exquisite – packed so lovingly – they transplanted well and two even have flowers on them already! That same week I also received orders from two other companies (Burpee and Territorial Seed). Suffice it to say, that I am placing a second order to replace some of their plants that did not even make it to my garden. You now have another lifelong customer! I will e-mail you pictures of your fabulous plants in my garden! Thanks so very much for caring … Maria

Tomatoes arrived safe and sound this afternoon! I’m so excited….they look fantastic. A friend was visiting at the time and was excited about them also….she took your number and will probably be a new customer! Thanks, Bettye

My plants arrived today and look better than I could have imagined. It’s my first time ordering plants on-line, and definitely not the last time I’ll order from Many, many thanks for the excellent packaging!

The plants arrived today and look fabulous! Absolutely the best I’ve ever bought, online or from local nurseries! I am quite excited to see how they produce in the garden; if they perform as good as they appear now you can count on my being a repeat customer for many years to come! Rebecca

I just wanted to let you know that the plants arrived yesterday. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the beautiful packaging job; all of the plants were in perfect shape. I will be shopping with you again. Thanks again. Hank

Last year I bought these tomatoes, I have to admit buying tomato plant over the internet was risky! They were the best tomatoes I have ever had. This year I ordered them again and the plants are 5 foot tall. I wish I could post a picture they are incredible and they have a ton of tomatoes on each plant. I will definitely buy them for my garden every year.

I’m a persnickety type – normally a bit too quick with criticism and too slow with compliments – but I have to change my habit this time. I placed an order with you several weeks ago, specifying a ship date of March 8. I was pleased to receive the order confirmation quickly, and the shipping confirmation this past week. Karen, our wonderfully pleasant UPS driver, delivered the package today, March 10. I was filled with as much excitement and anticipation as any kid on Christmas. I quickly carried the package to my workbench, and I must admit to looking around several times to see if the neighbors were watching me. I’m sure I looked like I was having entirely too much fun. As I emptied the carton, each new container was like another present. The plants arrived in such beautiful condition, healthy and vibrant without even the slightest hint of withering or shock. The dills were so vibrantly green, the tomatoes were so hearty, and the rest were complete delights. The best treat of all was the wonderful smell of the lovely peppermint plants! I could not be more pleased, with either your service or the condition in which the plants arrived. I can tell from examining the plants how well cared for they have been, from their healthy condition down to the careful packaging. Thank you for the great service, and rest assured you’ll be hearing from me again!

Yesterday I received my 3 Arkansas Traveler tomato plants and my Kaffir Lime tree. AWESOME! The plants were so very healthy and packed carefully. I can’t wait to order from you for the Spring!! Thanks for the great service.

Just wanted to let you know that I just received my first order ever of tomato plants from you. All I can say it WOW!! The plants are in great shape and your packaging is just fantastic. Since this is my first time growing heirlooms ( or any tomatoes for that matter), I hope the plants fair as well with my brown thumb as they did during shipping. No matter how they turn out, you’ve got yourself a long term customer. Even if they don’t produce any tomatoes for me, it’s just a kick getting living plants delivered to your door by UPS. Thanks again.

Your plants are like no others — I know you know that — but I could not believe how strong and vibrant they arrived with such fat sturdy stems! They were just like standing up waving in the box — hello! Awesome!

I’m very excited cause I have bought plants before and had other people plant them cause I don’t trust my own skills, but this time I’m gonna try it on my own so I really wanna treat them right and avoid the blossom end rot this time around — your tips have been so useful cause I was perplexed — had no idea what was going on when I encountered this on my tomato plants before. So I have affection for these plants already and I will let you know their progress — please feel free to use my praises on your website.

I just had to write to thank you for the beautiful tomato plants. I ordered about thirty plants from three different companies including yours. Thankfully, I ordered most of the tomatoes from you guys. The plants you sent me were beautiful and healthy and they are thriving in my garden. The plants from the other companies arrived in terrible condition, very leggy and pale green – weak looking. I didn’t even plant them because next to yours they looked so pitiful. I’m so happy I found you.

Dear Tasteful Garden, This is what the person I sent the gift herb planter to said: “Gee, I am so tired but I had to write and tell you the incredible Herb Garden came….I have never seen such a beautiful present come in the mail! It is so fabulous and I wish you could SMELL it! Perfect.” Thank you for your super service.

This is the second order of herbs I’ve placed with you. As you can imagine, I am very happy with your service and selection!! When I placed my first order, I also placed an order with another nursery that specializes in perennials of all sorts for some of their herbs. Boy, do I wish I got everything from you in the first place! Your shipment came sooner, was boxed better and the plants were MUCH larger size for little price differential. So, I’m now placing a second order with you to supplement some of the plants the other place sent that were so runty. Plus, they weren’t able to send me any tarragon at all! We’ve had a cold snap here in Maryland so I’m keeping all the herbs indoors right now. But, I cannot wait to get everything going in my yard and am looking forward to the warm months to enjoy the herb garden I plan to plant soon. Thanks so much, Lisa

Today we received our order of 6 plants from you. I just wanted you to know that even though UPS smashed the box, ripped open the top then after resealing it ripped open part of the bottom and stomped on it several times…our plants survived and look great!!! Thank you for your wonderful service! Perhaps , however, you should think about switching to another carrier????

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I just received my order. All of the plants arrived healthy and undamaged. I was amazed at the remarkable packing job. Thanks for the helpful planting guides and the wonderful job you did. I “WILL” be ordering from you again.

Thanks for contacting me regarding the 2003 order date for plants. I was a first time customer last spring. All the wonderful heirloom tomato plants arrived on the date that I requested. Even though one plant was slightly damaged in shipment (not Tasteful Garden’s fault), you promptly replaced it. In 2003 ALL my tomato, peppers, and other garden plants will be ordered from The Tasteful Garden. You can count on my being among the first to order online on 15 Jan. 2003. Thanks for making healthy plants available, and thanks for your very people-friendly customer service.

I just wanted you to know that I received my order today and how much I appreciated the care my plants had been packed with, how big they were and healthy. I have added your site to my permanent list and would not hesitate to do business with you again.

I had the unfortunate luck of dealing with another company. I found the Tasteful Garden and promptly drove to the farm. I was so happy to buy all of the plants I could carry home. The service I received was tremendous. Thank you so much. My garden is the best it has ever been!

I just wanted to let you know that the Herb Bowl Kit has just arrived and all the plants are in perfect condition. My friend is absolutely thrilled with it and as today is her birthday it couldn’t have worked out better. You can t imagine how absolutely amazed I am at the wonderful service from The Tasteful Garden. The whole process has been completely painless for me and for that I am very grateful. I will be sure to tell all my friends and family about your web site. Many thanks and give yourself and everyone working there a Gold Star from me!

What a pleasure to do business with you. It is like dealing with a friend that cares about the quality of service and product. The e-mails have been courteous and professional. The plants were in excellent condition and very healthy. Your shipping methods protect the plants very well and are appreciated. Due to your high standards, I will enjoy ordering from you in the future. Thank you JSN Century ,Florida

I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with my herbs and tomatoes. They arrived in perfect condition. I have ordered some more tomatoes. You have such unusual varieties that I just couldn’t resist. I will be ordering from you again next year.

I’ve ordered over $1000 worth of live plants from 6-7 sources this year, and your packing method was far and away the best for the plants and the easiest for me to unpack them without doing any damage. I am very, very happy with The Tasteful Garden, and I’m not an easy person to please. Thank you!

Thank you very much for the wonderful plants this year. I was very impressed when they arrived. They were much nicer than any of the vegetables I was finding throughout our garden centers.

This week I wrote concerning an order I had placed and not received. Order#15339. I went to my PO today and found out it had been sitting there since last Saturday. Upon opening the box I was delighted to find beautiful healthy pepper plants. This along with your quick and courteous response to my email says a lot for your company. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thank you. Sincerely, One very satisfied customer.

This was the first time I ever ordered from the web. I am very pleased with the way you packaged my Herb products to satisfaction. They are growing great! I cook for a living and I clip and hang them in my kitchen for the winter months, to use in cooking for my family. Friends stop bye and see how nice they look. I often give them away for their cooking purposes. Thanks again! I will order again from THE TASTEFUL GARDEN

I am a first time vegetable gardener. This spring I bought 14 plants from you. 4 of the plants arrived damaged and did not survive and because I was busy and lazy I never contacted you. You still refunded the costs and shipping to me. But I want to tell you about my tomato plants. I had a planting box built in an area that everyone told me did not have enough sunlight (6 plus hours during June/July). I filled it with potting soil and compost, separated the plants by 2 to 3 feet, stuck in medium size cages, and planted with fertilizer, etc. per your instructions. The plants received plenty of water. As you know this spring was really quite gray and cool and I wasn’t sure what would happen. Well I’ve ended up with a jungle. The tomato plants are ENORMOUS. They completely outgrew the medium size cages and are almost smothering each other. The fruit has started to come on now and is unbelievably juicy, sweet and delicious.