Growing Mints

There are many flavors of mint available such as Chocolate Mint, Peppermint, Orange mint, and Pineapple mint, just to name a few.

Spearmint is a sharper more savory flavor while Peppermint is sweeter. Chocolate mint tastes like a “Thin mint” cookie or a chocolate peppermint patty. Orange mint tastes like Earl grey tea which has the orange bergamot flavor. Pineapple mint is sweet and smells slightly like pineapples and is sometimes variegated.

To harvest Mint, trim the branches anywhere and cut off up to third, chop the leaves or use them whole. You can also use the whole leaves crushed to steep into teas. Mints can be dried but are best used fresh.

To use mint in cooking, chop the leaves finely and use it in salad dressings or with lamb. Many middle eastern chopped salads call for mint as well as several Thai recipes. Chocolate mint can be added to coffee, teas, chopped fruit, in custards or in ice cream.