Growing Lemon Verbena:

Lemon Verbena is a beautiful open tropical perennial shrub with a strong lemon flavor. This plant will grow to about 4 feet tall and grows best in full sunshine. It is only perennial in milder climates and is likely to die back every year, then sprout new growth every spring.

It can be used as a substitute for Lemon grass but the flavor is very strong and delicious. Lemon verbena is also easy to grow indoors if you like and can be used in cooking in many ways.

To harvest Lemon verbena, trim the plants branches as if giving it a hair cut. This will stimulate the plant to branch out and make a fuller shrub. Use the leaves fresh or dry.

To use Lemon verbena, chop the leaves finely or just infuse whole leaves into teas, broths, or marinades. Use it anytime you want a strong lemon scent. An herb butter with Lemon verbena is wonderful on fresh grilled fish or chicken.