Growing Parsley:

Parsley is probably the most commonly used herb in the world. The flavor of parsley is mild but it brings out the full taste of other foods and add color and vitamins. Parsley comes in two basic kinds, a flat or Italian type and a curly type.

many people feel that italian parsley (flat leaf) has a stronger flavor but both are beautiful and delicious. It is also known for its ability to correct bad breath which is why it is always used as a plate garnish.

parsley will grow over a long season, it is biennial which means that flowers in its second year. It should be started early spring or fall when temperatures are cooler, doesn’t like hot summer weather and put where afternoons are shaded. In some areas it grows very well through the winter and continues until heat encourages it bolt flower. note-always make sure you plant so center growing point is not covered with soil. This will it rot quickly. Keep soil moist but not soaking wet.

To harvest Parsley, remove the older branches all the way down to the base of the plant leaving the young leaves to grow into larger branches. The leaves can be chopped and used fresh or frozen to keep their fresh flavor.

To use Parsley in cooking, you can literally use it almost anywhere except in desserts. Combine it with other herbs in cheeses, eggs, meat marinades, casseroles, and soups.