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4th of July Tomato


Very early very tasty little tomato that is so sweet and easy to grow. Prolific producer grows great in containers hanging upside down or in the ground.

Blush Grape Tomato


This tomato is so productive and bursting with flavor you will
absolutely love it. Hundreds of 2″ long, sweet fruits will spill off of
this vine and you can eat them in the garden or bring them in for a
spectacular colorful salad.

Bowl of Cherry Tomatoes 4 Combo


A wonderful collection of 4 plants of our cherry and small sized tomatoes in every color and shape. For the small tomato lover that snacks directly from the garden! Great for kids too.

Golden Sweet Grape Tomato


Have you tried yellow Golden Sweet Grape tomatoes? It has a beautiful color and a sweet burst of flavor. Very prolific with large vines and they go so well with our Rosalita Grape tomatoes. Easy to grow and one of the first of the season to ripen. Great for kids or containers. 60 days.

Grape Rosalita Tomato


Sweeter than grocery store grape tomatoes, Grape Rosalita has a concentrated flavor we just love.

Green Zebra Tomato


Known for its spectacular flavor, the Green Zebra starts out green with dark stripes and ripens to yellow with green stripes. Small in size, its sweet and tart flavor work really well in salsas and salads.

Japanese Momotaro


Japanese tomatoes are known for being exceptionally sweet and have less acid taste which lets the sugar shine through. Momotaro means “Tough Boy” in Japanese and this small/medium tomato is the number one tomato grown in Japan. You will love the Japanese Momotaros incredible sweetness and full flavor. Back by popular demand this prolific plant grows very well in containers or in the ground. Only 74 days Indeterminate

Juliet Tomato


Juliet is an adorable little plum tomato with bright red 1 1/2-2 oz crack-resistant fruit in clusters. Also known as Mini San Marzano, Juliet produces tons of little roma-type tomatoes perfect for a quick saute, salad or snack.

Sugary Cherry Tomato


A 2005 All-America Selections award winner. The intense burst of flavor and compact size make them fun to eat right in the garden! Fruit is produced in clusters on high yielding semi-indeterminate vines, which means that plants stay more compact but continue to produce over a long season and grow great in containers.

Sun Gold Tomato


Sun Gold tomato plants have proven themselves to be the best flavored small tomato with the highest Brix sugar level of all of our varieties.

Sweet Million Tomato


Sweet Million Cherry tomato plants produce vast quantities of 1 dark red fruit in incredibly long clusters. Super sweet they just jump in your mouth.