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Dwarf Awesome Tomato


Medium to large, deep yellow colored tomatoes with red blushing. Amazing fruity, sweet flavor. Dwarf Indeterminate, 80 days A Bill Yoder Collection selection

Dwarf Beauty King Tomato


Medium sized tomatoes are red in color with vertical, gold striping. Very good production from this dwarf plant. Dwarf Indeterminate, 75 days A Bill Yoder Collection selection

Bendigo Moon Dwarf Cherry

Dwarf Bendigo Moon Tomato


Oval shaped, ivory to pale yellow colored, one to two ounce cherry tomatoes with an excellent flavor. Snow White Cherry is one parent so you know these are sweet. Dwarf Indeterminate, 70 days A Bill Yoder Collection selection

Dwarf Desert Star Tomato


This is one of the taller dwarf varieties. The plants produce high yields of nearly round, one-ounce, pale yellow colored cherry tomatoes. Indeterminate Dwarf, 70 days. A Bill Yoder Collection selection

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Dwarf Eagle Smiley Cherry


One of the taller dwarfs, reaching about five feet in height. They are extremely productive and loaded with one ounce, bright to golden-yellow, globe-shaped fruit that are borne in clusters of eight to ten tomatoes. Its outstanding flavor, perhaps the best flavored of all of the released dwarf cherry-types to date, is on a par with the best indeterminate and hybrid varieties. Indeterminate Dwarf, 70 days. A Bill Yoder Collection selection

Dwarf Firebird Pink Tomato


These plants produce medium-sized fruits that ripen to a crimson pink color with gold stripes. It is a beautiful tomato with a sweet, rich, well-balanced flavor. Indeterminate Dwarf, 75 days. A Bill Yoder Collection selection

Dwarf Johnson’s Cherry Tomato


Small, cherry-type fruit that are pink in color, early maturing and very prolific. The earliest maturing dwarf tomato variety. Indeterminate Dwarf, 65 days. A Bill Yoder Collection selection

Dwarf Peppermint Stripes Tomato


These plants produce loads of green fruit with light and dark green and pink stripes and flesh that is green with some pink marbling. You will not believe the amazing flavor. One of my very favorites, a Bill Yoder Collection selection. Indeterminate Dwarf, 85 days.

Dwarf Velvet Night Tomato


These plants produce small purple tomatoes the size of a large cherry. Looks and taste are very similar to Black Cherry (one of the parents). Indeterminate Dwarf, 70 days. A Bill Yoder Collection selection

Edith Stone (Dwarf)


These plants produce smooth skinned, globe shaped, five to six ounce fruit that are scarlet red in color with yellow stripes. A new variety for 2023 from our Bill Yoder Collection. Indeterminate Dwarf, 75 days.

French Sorrel


French Sorrel Plants are a perennial tangy salad green with a green apple crossed with a lemon taste. It really packs a punch of flavor.

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Girl Girl’s Weird Thing Tomato


A medium to large chocolate colored with green vertical stripes. These very pretty tomatoes have a have a rich sweet flavor. A Bill Yoder Collection selection

Grape Rosalita Tomato


Sweeter than grocery store grape tomatoes, Grape Rosalita has a concentrated flavor we just love.

Green Zebra Tomato


Known for its spectacular flavor, the Green Zebra starts out green with dark stripes and ripens to yellow with green stripes. Small in size, its sweet and tart flavor work really well in salsas and salads.

Habanero Pepper


Hot and sweet!! Habaneros are only 3-4″ long and have a sweet fruity flavor, but they are HOT! 285,000 – 350,000 Scoville units, compared with cayennes 30,000-50,000.