Shipping Information

When should I expect my plants?

Tomatoes and other warm season plants begin shipping in March and will continue weekly through the end of May. Because our weather patterns have become so variable in recent years we will confirm your shipping date after you place your order (see planting zone map here). You can request your approximate ship date in the Comments section of your order, especially if you have a home greenhouse and want to receive them earlier than outdoor planting dates for your zone. We want to be sure your plants will arrive in good condition and ready to plant!

Pre-ordering for 2023 is now open and will continue until we reach our expected capacity for the season. If we have additional plants available we will offer them for a special sales period and will cut off ordering when we sell out or by May 15th (whichever comes first).

When is the right time for me to plant?

Over the last several years we have seen changes in weather patterns so be aware that your plant date may be different from what is “normal” in your area! Many people wait up to two weeks past their average last frost date to plant to be on the safe side. If needed, you can hold our plants in the shipping containers for up to two weeks after receiving them. Just give them full sun daily outdoors and move them inside at night if necessary until you are ready to plant. Read more about choosing the best planting time.

How do live plants get delivered to me safely?

Cardboard Pulp PotsEach plant comes in a 4.5″ square carboard pot and is wrapped individually to retain its soil and moisture. These eco-friendly pots can be planted right in the ground though we recommend that you remove the bottom to allow the roots to grow easier. See our short info video here. Unlike our competition, we ship in these large pots to keep the stress of transport to a minimum. Our interior cartons are specially designed to fit our plants and utilize “green” recyclable cardboard that can even be used for mulch! Each year, we ship over 100,000 plants, so we know how to pack them to ensure they arrive safely. We always hand-pack your plants, inspecting them at each stage of handling to ensure the highest quality plant is shipped to you. Our many years of experience in shipping plants gives us the knowledge and expertise to get them to you in good condition.

What is your minimum order?

You can order any quantity you want – we don’t require you to order by the dozen! Keep in mind, however, that we have to charge about the same to ship one plant as to ship three or four plants, and the addition of 2-3 more plants may not cost more than a dollar or two more in charges…so the minimum order is really up to you.

How much is shipping?

Shipping charges have increased dramatically for our orders. In the past we were charged based on package weight. Now, UPS and FedEx calculate their pricing based on Home or Business delivery addresses, the size of the box (not weight) and other fees including fuel surcharges. We never add any additional charges to shipping costs, what we pay is what you pay. Other companies may offer “free” shipping however we believe it is best to show you those costs instead of hiding them in higher overall prices. Keep in mind that these are not tiny seedlings but actual plants 4-6″ tall in 4.5″ square pots, which take up a lot of space in our boxes.

What size are your plants?

All of our plants are shipped in 4-1/2 inch pots and most are 4-6 inches tall, depending upon which type of vegetable or herb they are.

Other nurseries ship considerably smaller plants than ours, often they need several more weeks to grow before planting in your garden. We guarantee that plants from The Tasteful Garden will arrive safely and that they will be ready to plant when you receive them. We do, however, recommend 2-3 days of “travel rest” to acclimate them to your garden before planting. If your plants do not arrive safely: email us within 48 hours of receiving with description and pictures of the damage and we will ship you a replacement or credit your account.

What else do I need to know?

If you do not receive a confirmation email from us immediately after ordering, you may have mis-typed your email address. Please call us as soon as possible. We use email exclusively to notify you of any delays or changes to your shipping date.

Not going to be home for a delivery? You can always have your packages delivered to a local retail store to be held for pickup.

For any other problems or questions, call us at 678-818-9154 or email us anytime at [email protected]

How do you ship?

We ship through both FedEx and UPS services. While we offer you a choice at checkout please know that we may send your order based upon who will get the plants to you soonest. Please note in the Comments of your order if your shipping address is a business, it may save you some fees versus residential delivery.

What if I live outside the continental US?

U.S. Territories and Outlying Areas (Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada)

We are sorry but live plants shipped to these areas require special inspection and certification by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and we are unable to ship to these areas.

UPS Ground Service Transit Map

This gives you a good idea of the shipping zones based on origination from The Tasteful Garden:

UPS 2022 Ground Service Map