Why Should I Order My Plants From The Tasteful Garden?

Ordering plants by mail order has been available to gardeners for a long time and many well established nurseries only sell through the mail, just like seed companies. This has always been the best way to get the specific varieties of plants you want because your local nursery cannot possibly stock all the different types that the mail order nurseries can. E-commerce has become the easiest way to shop for plants from specialists in particular kinds of gardening and for you to get exactly what you need.

Experience Matters! Over the past fifteen years selling plants online we have developed packaging techniques which allow us to ship your plants without being damaged for almost 10 months out of the year. Our herbs and vegetables reach you within 3 days via UPS relatively inexpensively. Now you can choose from over 55 varieties of Heirloom and Hybrid tomatoes, 20 unique sweet and hot peppers, and 45 types of culinary herbs! All are packaged individually to prevent breakage and guaranteed to arrive fresh and healthy, as if you purchased them from around the corner and in most cases, better than around the corner.

Plant nurseries in large department stores or home improvement centers are not grown by those stores but by large wholesalers. They are not taken care of the same way that the original growers did and the quality doesn’t seem to last long. Forget about unique or rare varieties of tomatoes from these large wholesalers, they will stock what they have proven sells everywhere. Good luck finding a salesperson who has answers to your growing questions, because they most likely have never even grown tomatoes or herbs before!

When you order from The Tasteful Garden, we help and guide you all along the way with our Growing Tips, Herb Encyclopedia, and you can always email for questions. We teach beginners easy techniques to get started and also show you how to garden in small spaces. We take great pride in our quality and we make sure that you receive your plants the way we would want to receive them ourselves. We even suggest recipes for cooking with them! Order from us today, we guarantee you will not regret it. Click below to read comments from some of our customers…

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