Our 2023 Shipping Schedule

We are a seasonal nursery so we ship your order at the appropriate time to plant them in your garden. We always plan to ship your entire order at the same time but if there are delays in the greenhouse or if the weather dictates we may contact you to arrange multiple shipments.

Here is a chart of dates we will be shipping plants for 2024. We take Pre-orders for several weeks prior to shipping until we are sold out for the season. Please note that if you wait to order until planting time for your garden we likely cannot ship your plants immediately. In general we have a 2-4 week lead time so order early for the best selection and to get on the schedule for your preferred shipping date!

If you have questions about our schedule, please email or call us anytime.

Plants Beginning ship dateEnding ship date
Tomatoes, Peppers, Herbs March 1stMay 22nd
Fall Season Plants (all) 1st week September2nd week September

Please note: we do not ship plants during Summer or Winter


Average Last Frost Dates for Spring

Our plants are seeded on a successive schedule so they are always the right size for you, no matter when you need to plant. Check our map for your average first frost date and calculate your best planting dates:

Fall Planting Map

Please note: Fall plants generally need to be in the ground for 2-4 weeks before frost so that their roots are established.